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For more then over 30 years, the place to go for Passport photo and photo's for other official documents

A set of 4 official Passport photo's (or photo's for other official documents) for the price of €18,95

With our current promotion you can get a second set of photo's (same person) for free!

This can be a different photo, without the official requirements. So this photo can be with a smile, glasses,a different angle or any other normal preferences.
With this current promotion, you can get 8 (normal sized) pictures for the price of 4.
If the size of the photo is bigger (for example 5x5cm needed for American or Indian documents) then you will get 4 photo's instead of 2

You can find us near the cityhall, in the middle of the city centre. 

 - We are RDW certified
 - We make all official photo's for all the different countries
 - For Baby's and children we have a special chair

A digital copy is also possible

An appointment is not needed and we will print your photo's directly

Photo's for all official documents

Our photo's are valid for passport, indentity-card, drivers license, visa application, traveldocument, Immigration documents, OV-chipkaart and American and indian documents.

Children and Baby's

We also make photo's from baby's and youngsters. We are well experienced and are equipped with a special childseat.

White background for official photo's, please be mindfull of the colour of your clothing 

The required background for your official photo's is in most cases white. In order to make sure there is enough contrast between the background and your shoulders
we advise you not to wear white or very light coloured clothing. When there is not enough contrast between the background and your clothing the photo will not comply with the
requirments and will not be approved by the government.

Do you wear glasses?

There are a lot of rules for the official photo's to make it through the process. Glasses are often not allowed on the official photo's. We can determine on the spot if your glasses are allowed. If for the official documents your glasses do not pass the test, you can choose to use our free promotion (second set photo's free) for a photo with glasses.

Your photo in digital format

For only €4.95 you can also get your photo as a digital copy via an email. This can come in handy if you would like to use the photo for LinkedIn, job applications, social media or when you need to upload a photo to a database / website.

Different countries, different requirements

Many countries use a different size of photo then the european standard. The united states of america and India for example have a biggers size photo ((5xs5cm) Ofcourse we can print our photo's in the various sizes needed. This is the same price as our standard photo's, €18.95

Second set free!

Momentarily we have a promotion that the second set (from or with the same person) is free! You will receive 8 photo's for the same price. Because of the strict requirements of the official photo's these photo's often are conceived as dull or strict).
The second set of 4 photo's has no rules. You can smile on the photo, wear your glasses. wear your hair in any fashion or with a hat or cap. We can make the photo how you want them (within the possibilities) * If your official photo's are bigger then the standard european size you will receive a total of 4 photo's (2 sets of two)


If you would like to put your new photo in a keychain, we have different keychains for sale and will put the photo's in the frame. Prices start from €2,95

No printed photo's needed but just a digital copy

It's also possible to receive only a digital copy of your photo. This will be a Jpg which is sent by email. The price for a just digital photo is €11,95

Phocs Card Service

Apollo Almere is authorised by Phocs Card Service for official photo's for KPN, Ajax, Feijenoord en Rdw company and membership cards.  

RDW authorised photographer for online renewal of your passport 

In some cities and municipalities it is possible to request a replacement drivers license online. 
Almere will be starting this pilot somewhere in august or september 2021. Under certain conditions it is possible to use this online platform to digitally upload your request and photo. Apollo has al the needed hardware and software for this proces. If you eligible for this and you would like to request your replacement drivers licence online then your current drivers license is needed when you make your digital photo. We can then upload your photo to the RDW website. You can sign your request digitally in our shop. The RDW will sent you an email with a confirmation and further instructions. You will receive an email when your document can be collected at your local city hall. The price for this service is €24,95. This includes a set of printed photo's as well. This is currently still requested by the RDW.

Opening hours Apollo Almere

Maandag            9:30 - 17:30
Dinsdag              9:30 - 17:30
Woensdag          9:30 - 17:30
Donderdag         9:30 - 17:30
Vrijdag                9:30 - 17:30
Zaterdag             9:30 - 17:00

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